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This is just for fun. A friend of mine celebrated her 31st birthday recently and I really wanted to get her a party hat to wear, but all I could find were those stupid, silly NYE cone hats or those cheap aluminum headbands with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” emblazoned across the front in glitter that ultimately ends up in your hair and all over your face. While perusing South Moon Under, I was looking through the hair accessories section and found this little nugget of pure birthday gift gold. The ‘Happy Birthday Tulle Headband‘ is exactly what I was looking for. Made of wrapped, pretty pink satin, this headband features a puffy explosion of pink tulle at the top with the words “Happy Birthday” spelled out in purple metallic letters along with little star cutouts. Seriously, all your girl friends will want this. Get it for them. #lucky #trends #outfitideas