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Sometimes, a great pair of sneakers can make an ensemble cooler than a great pair of heels or a deliciously expensive set of ballet flats.  The editors and fashionistas are currently pairing theirs with jeans and a fur topper, be it a coat, vest, or cape.  Maybe it’s overbearingly upper class, or perhaps it’s a little too hipster-with-money, and I understand these complaints. To pull the look off successfully, stay away from colored or printed denim and choose a classic rinse.  The cut is less important, and you could just as easily pair a straight leg jean with sneakers and fur as a flare, but beware the bell, since these tend to look better when covering a heel or stacked platform wedge.  The denim pick I find the most chi-chi right now is the sass & bideRoll the Dice” boyfriend jeans.  At the moment, I wear my Joe’s Jeans Chelsea cuffed jeans with everything, but I can only get away with this in L.A. because they’re absolutely torn to shreds (witness the photographs of me).  The look of a cuffed, slouchy, straight-leg jean with fur and sneakers is very appealing to me, the fur adding that bit of “So what?” that every great getup needs.

As for the sneakers, pick a simple, unadorned pair.  Classic French company Bensimon has perfected the sneaker to the highest possible level of understated elegance.  The “Tennis Mid HommeBensimon collection is truly iconic, totally Parisian, and absolutely chic.  The line was inspired by uniforms and work clothes, and the spartan, military colors and shapes are carried through in Bensimon’s tennis shoes.  My favorite Bensimon sneaker is the “Tennis Mid Homme” in sable (a lovely tobacco, taupe color). This simple lace-up style tennis shoe is easy and timeless, made of buttery soft canvas with a sturdy but supple rubber sole.  A must-have!  I’m also wild about Superga, a company started in 1913 by Walter Martiny and the Italia sneakers have been worn by royals, made in variations with canvas, linen, and leather.  LOVE.  The “Bologna” is the best of the bunch, and the unisex styling makes finding these sneakers in larger sizes a snap.  I’ve found them in military, which is a dull green with a bright green sole, black (which is actually a cadet blue), and navy, which is a lovely cornflower hue with a dazzling cyan sole.  The over-dyed canvas upper of the “Bologna” is fabulously worn-in looking, and the laces are short, lending a basic, no-frills attitude to a kicky pair of tennis shoes.

Now, the fur is a tricky situation. I personally love and wear real fur, but it isn’t for everyone and for good reasons. If you like faux fur, go for the amazing “Inked” faux fur jacket from MINKPINK. The plush, two-tone blue cropped jacket is beyond chic with sneakers.  If you like real fur, go to a thrift store and buy vintage. I’m pictured here in a vintage golden fox fur I found at an antique shop on the Eastern Shore of Maryland when I was 17 (thanks, Dad), my Joe’s Jeans Chelsea rolled cuffs, a vintage Coca-Cola tee, and a pair of “Bologna” sneakers in blue.  I’ve always found that vintage shops are the best place to buy furs.  The selection is incredible and you never know what little jewel awaits, as if made just for you.  I’m a big fan of “intuition” shopping.  Now, some may just call it “impulsive” shopping, but I assure you, the two are extremely different concepts.  Impulsive shopping implies a compulsion to grab anything and everything in sight to fulfill some deep need, be it a fear, an anxiety, or an emptiness within.  Intuitive shopping means employing the “Listening Language” to lead you to the perfect item.  The “Listening Language” is that voice within you, your gut perhaps, or maybe just your heart, and if you learn how to quiet your mind and listen to your inner consciousness, you’re speaking the Language.  When you shop using your intuition, you’re buying what’s best for you based on who you really are. #lucky #trends #outfitideas