Among the many, many perks of the endless summer that marks L.A. weather is the chance to wear easy, breezy shoes all year long. Truth be told, I’m a heel girl, but the wedge has always been daunting for me. Something happens to my balance while teetering atop wedges that doesn’t occur as I manipulate the sidewalks in (non-platform) heels (even the big guns). That’s it! It’s the platform that ruining my equilibrium! So, in an effort to unlearn some bad wedge habits, and to correct my shoddy wedge balance, I’m wearing wedges. Like, all the time. If you’ve got the legs to pull it off, they can be fabulous with shorts, but I’ve been loving mine with long skirts or skinny pants. What might otherwise be too fancy instantly gets toned down a notch by swapping out heels for wedges. Take your pick from some of my favorites this season: The “Paz” wedge by 80%20 comes in this incredible shade of sky blue and is the perfect go-to wedge that pairs easily with everything from jeans to minis. I adore the woven South American style pattern, the sky-high yet comfortable 4.5 wedge heel, and the subtle espadrille details that make this a bit more casual. Actually, 80%20 is pretty much my favorite brand for wedges this season, and I’m also rocking the “Molly” open-toe hidden wedge, which is a little more edgy. The “Molly” is a slightly more manageable height at 2.5 inches, and the canvas wrapped upper and leader cut-out detailing, with the buckle ankle wraps, makes this wedge super cool and a bit out there. I actually like wearing mine with skinny sweatpants from Monrow or Free City on Shopbop. Loving this look! #lucky #trends #outfitideas