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A cashmere sweater is a fine, delicate thing to own. It actually becomes a rather hefty responsibility to care for it, keep it safe, prevent stains, pulls, or tears, and maintain it (mostly because it ain’t cheap). Like any other “investment” fashion item, a good cashmere sweater should be timeless and classic, i.e., in a neutral color and a simple cut so that it never really goes out of style. Typically, we would suggest picking a great hip-length, long-sleeved, crew neck in black, navy, or taupe, but that’s the 2012 us talking. The 2013 us is bolder, more adventurous, and has a renewed sense of exactly what defines “timeless” when it comes to fashion and style. So, we’re recommending that you invest in this ‘Cashmere Weekend Dress‘ from the Holy of Holies when it comes to cashmere anything: INHABIT. We prefer the color ‘desert’ to their ‘dark slate’, but that’s up to you. It has a slight, subtle, almost paisley pattern to it and is really just the epitome of ease and grace. #lucky #trends #outfitideas