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The onset of winter has us itching for a brand new pair of boots. In style seasons past, the fabulous fervor leading up to designers’ boot debuts fizzled fast as fashionistas chose pants that covered up the intricate details that distinguish one pair from another. With nothing showing but the toe, all we saw were tonal variations of a pointy tip, leaving much to the imagination and masking some pretty magnificent creations. This year, the we look forward to boot season with renewed vigor and sense of purpose, determined to showcase our gorgeous finds with low-key pants tucked in, so as not to steal the show.

What makes a great boot? The options seem endlessly combined and complicated, but this season, there are key elements that we look for, namely, clean lines, soft leathers, easy construction, and simple sophistication. It’s all too easy to mess up even the simplest boot, but little variations on a classic theme give the best results. We’re loving the idea of a classic, high-heeled boot based on the idea of a functional yet stylish shape without giving it all away for a silly trend. The ‘Zelica‘ boot from Vaneli fits the bill perfectly. A classic, pointed-toe, black leather boot with a 2 3/4″ covered heel and slightly curved 14″ shaft is the ultimate winter 2013 boot to own. #lucky #trends