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The total fashion freedom which pairing boots with skirts affords is sublime, offering a thrilling opportunity to reach back into the early 90’s while stretching forward into 2013 and beyond. As every well-heeled, winter shoe-shopper knows, this season ushers in an abundance of boots, but rarely do we see real paradigm shifts. For the first time in a long time, those on whom the lens of stylish approbation is focused confirm a convincing air of free choice, serious style purpose, and witty good humor. Two things have the us all atwitter this season: the influx of grunge redux short boots with a masculine edge, and the confluence of this grunge-inspired style with fancy, modern pieces. We are at this moment besotted with a palette of black and white, realized in monochromatic pieces of luxe fabrics and textures, and appearing in irregular proportions. Think black-on-black sequins, wispy loose-weave knitwear, cropped tops, super maxi skirts, and rugged, muscly shoes. Jeffrey Campbell has a gorgeous selection of boots this season featuring red-blooded structure atop feminine heights, all of which look stunning with skirts of every length.  With its turned-out, crenellated, black faux-shearling cuff, and throwback Grandma bootie lace-up suede upper, the ‘Milton‘ by Jeffrey Campbell is an easy favorite. Buckle detailing adds an element of punk to the boots’ already saturated selection of style references; in the ‘Milton‘ 90’s grunge hallmarks, “lumberjack chic,” and “prairie propriety” converge. A 2 and 3/4″ wooden heel lends sex appeal and makes this a wonderful ankle boot to pair with short skirts. #lucky #trends #outfitideas