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We find that most women who wear larger shoe sizes are also tall. Now, imagine being tall AND pregnant. Forget about shoes, where on earth are you expected to find decent, properly-fitting jeans to wear during your pregnancy? Enter Ashley of Mommy Long Legs.  Ashley is 6’2″ and during her first pregnancy struggled to find clothing that fit her frame. So, together with her husband, she decided to do something about it and founded Mommy Long Legs to provide tall, pregnant women with stylish, wearable clothing.

Ashley was kind enough to offer a giveaway of one pair of tall maternity jeans to a lucky Barefoot Tess customer on TesSpeaks About Style. To enter, please just leave a comment on this blog leaving us your name and if you feel like, a story about your plight to find tall maternity clothes. We’ll email you when we pick a winner!