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Talltique & BFT Reader Contest
Talltique focuses on providing fashionable and well-made clothing that is specially tailored to fit women who stand 6′ and above.  At 6’3″ herself, owner Helen Pappas knows a thing or two about the subject!  Thanks to Helen, Barefoot Tess and Talltique readers have a chance to win this gorgeous convertible maxi dress (pictured in the set above) from the exclusive Talltique collection!  To enter, simply leave a comment on the Talltique Facebook page telling us which is your favorite holiday outfit and why, and don’t forget to tag both Talltique and Barefoot Tess in the post.  Also Don’t forget to like the pages and share the post with your friends!  Winners will only be chosen from people who are fans of both Facebook pages.  The winner will be announced next Friday, December 21st.  Also, see Helen in her gorgeous sparkle top, now available in black, cobalt and bordeaux.  A perfect holiday piece!