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We think it’s important to let you know what goes on behind the scenes at Barefoot Tess. We’ve got a fabulous group of dynamic, stylish women keeping it all together! Every few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a new team interview and profile. PLUS, get a chance to win the pair of Barefoot Tess brand shoes picked by each team member as their favorite! To enter, share the interview on your Facebook page, then drop us a note on ours with the name of the Barefoot Tess shoe picked as the current team member’s favorite (don’t forget to “like” our page!). Winners will be selected at random by Saturday, December 15th, 2012. 

Meet the Team: The PR Guru, Ricki Fairley-Brown

1. Which shoe at Barefoot Tess is currently your favorite?

Oh boy, it’s so hard to pick a favorite Barefoot Tess shoe! I guess my favorite right now is the B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess ‘Kingston’ flat in Leopard. It’s versatile, and pairs easily with black, brown, and red outfits. It’s a good travel basic and will give some girl power to a plain ensemble.

2. What tips would you give to a young woman aspiring to be in PR or marketing?

To a young woman aspiring to be in marketing or PR, here is my list of the top five most important things to bear in mind and strive to become:

  1. Most people think about marketing as all fun and parties and events and making commercials or going on glamorous shoots. Certainly, these are all aspects of the job, but what it’s really about is getting results and making the client happy. It’s about solving problems and exploiting opportunities. Focus on the end result to want to achieve and use the right marketing and PR tactics to get you there. Hard work and dedication will get you very far.
  2. Know what you are good at and don’t be afraid to strut your stuff. The right shoes will help with this J!
  3. Always be aware of the impression that you’re making. That first impression you make will absolutely stick.
  4. Don’t let anything or anyone rain on your parade. “No” is never the answer; it’s always “how.” Expect to win, and you will.
  5. Pay attention to this gem from Mark Twain: “Forgive me for writing a long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one.” Always write the short letter. People are very protective of their precious time, so remember to use it wisely and to never abuse it.

3. Give us a typical day in your life:

So, I have no typical day in my life as a marketing diva. This is what I love about what I do! Every day brings a different challenge and a different opportunity. The only aspect of my day that’s totally consistent is that I begin each morning by picking out which shoes I’d like to wear. First of all, one of my dear friends just decided that my shoe fetish is really a shoe hobby.  I collect them.  I showcase them.  I sit in my closet and look at them, talk to them and try them on.  Crazy, right?  I got it honestly though.  My grandmother was a shoe diva, followed by my mom and now me.  It’s truly a generational thing that has been passed down.  My grandmother used to tell me all the time, “Never trust a person with cheap shoes on.  If you don’t respect your feet, you have nothing.”  I do tend to check out a person’s shoes when I am talking to them.  Am I over the top, or what?

I usually decide that either the night before or before I get out of bed.  Then, while in the shower, I decide what I will wear with the selected shoes of the day.  It’s truly is all about the shoes!  If I have an occasion I have to purchase an outfit for, I buy the shoes first, then the dress.  When I try to buy the dress first, I always have difficulty because I am out of my comfort zone.  I have a black tie event coming up in December.  My friends and I were out shopping a few weeks ago and they found the “perfect” dress for me.  Knowing my pattern, though, I loved the dress, I was hesitant to buy it–sort of a flapper style in pewter sequins.  I knew I did not have the right color in my shoe repertoire.  The dress was a great deal so I bought it.  So guess what?  I have now bought and returned 4 pairs of shoes to try to match it.  I actually gave up, put the dress in the back of the closet and am on to a new outfit where I picked the shoes first.  I will probably give the dress to one of my daughters….oh well.

So back to your question about a typical day, all I can say is that the shoes I choose for the day are all about what I have to do that day.  The factors include the weather (I adore sandals and boots!), how much walking I have to do (comfort is essential), whether I am traveling or not, and the people with whom I will be interacting.  My shoes give me my mojo.  They give me confidence and totally validate whatever state of diva-dom I need for the day.