We think it’s important to let you know what goes on behind the scenes at Barefoot Tess. We’ve got a fabulous group of dynamic, stylish women keeping it all together! Every other week, we’ll be bringing you a new team interview and profile. PLUS, get a chance to win the pair of Barefoot Tess brand shoes picked by each team member as their favorite! To enter, share the interview on your Facebook page, then drop us a note on ours with the name of the Barefoot Tess shoe picked as the current team member’s favorite (don’t forget to “like” our page!). Winners will be selected at random by Friday, November 16th 2012. 

Meet The Team: The Buyer, Alison

1. How do you find out about new lines and designers?

I find out about new lines and designers by constantly staying up to date with style magazines, footwear news, and attending as many trade shows as possible. Often, new lines are introduced within existing lines, so we get notified before the public.

2. What’s your favorite thing about working for Barefoot Tess?

It is really rewarding for me to put my creativity into a particular style or idea and then see our customers react positively to it. Watching a style that I pushed for become a best seller feels amazing. I also love being able to give a neglected customer base the same options as everyone else. It feels great to have size 7’s and 8’s dying for our BFT shoes.

3. What trends do you see playing a big role in Spring 2013?

A big thing for Spring 2013 is color and pattern. Almost every style represented has a wild pattern paired with basic color. Patent is going to be huge, along with metallic detailing like jewels and studs. The major colors for spring are coral, mint, teal, blue, and neons.

4. How do you decide which trends to carry and which to skip?

It’s hard for us to take as many risks as we would like, but over the past few years BFT has really represented most of the relevant trends on our website. We really listen to our customers and we try to get them as involved as possible. The edgier trends are the hardest for us to get so we typically focus on one or two each season and push and push until we get it.

5. Which shoe at Barefoot Tess is currently your favorite?

Right now I am obsessed with the Barefoot TessElizabeth‘ and the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Martini’. The ‘Elizabeth‘ is so relevant and I am excited to bring it back for Spring 2013 with new amazing colors and details. The ‘Martini’ takes a classic look and makes it a little more dangerous. Plus, Jeffrey Campbell’s are turning into collector’s items because he is so iconic!