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Each day we scour the net looking for our favorite items, deals, and trends. Here’s what we discovered today!

We’re actually obsessing over all things 90’s right now. Remember chiffon sleeves?? Squee!!! So thrilling. A great new way to wear them is in a jacket, and we’re totally geeking out over the new floral varsity bomber jackets seen in high end designer collections and discount stores. Here’s a little hi-lo peek at what we mean:

Top: Go for the ‘Cambridge‘ floral print baseball bomber jacket from rag & bone (part of their Spring 2013 Collection, available for pre-order at Nordstrom) if you’ve got the cash. We love this piece so much, and it’s a gorgeous option for cool weather. Plus, lambskin leather sleeves? Amaze.

Bottom: You’ll find all kinds of cool things at Doris, and while pointing and clicking, we stumbled across this awesome ‘floral baseball jacket‘ with mesh sleeves. So throwback, so cool, and such a great price! #lucky #outfitideas #trends